Tanner Stewart         

Chief Executive Officer


Since Tanner became an investor and Director at NutraPonics Canada Corp, he has immersed himself in the world and operations of the indoor vertical farming industry. In addition to operating the current, Alberta-based NutraPonics facility, he has spent countless hours researching the emerging market, competitive landscape and toured other vertical farming operations across North America.


Tanner grew up in a blue collar, hard working family in Miramichi, NB. His mother spent most her spare time advocating for the environment and animal rights, and this passion, in no small part, was passed on to Tanner.  During his earliest school years, Tanner’s commitment to the environment and leaving the world a better place was evident from the foundation of the “Earth Savers Club”, which had members of his elementary school participate in community clean ups, and offer education on recycling and water conservation. Eventually, the club passed on to some younger kids and before Tanner knew it, he was twenty years old in Alberta running a construction company.


While building his construction company Tanner became extremely passionate about all aspects of business but felt like something was missing from his life. In early 2014, he was introduced to the concept of indoor vertical farming using Aquaponics.


Well, that was it. Tanner’s Eureka moment, he had rediscovered his real passion. An innovative way to help do some “earth saving” again. Today as CEO of NutraPonics and Stewart Farms, he is an Indoor Vertical Farming evangelist on a mission to bring local, fresh, beautiful food to every family everywhere.



“People I admire believe, that the problem we must solve in our generation is figuring out how we can feed the world without destroying it. I believe Indoor vertical farming will play a significant role in the solution.”


John Baldry

Chief Financial Officer


John Baldry has held senior level positions within oil and gas, distribution, manufacturing, and construction. His roles have included: Chief Financial Officer of Solutions Business Interiors, Chief Financial Officer of Canadian Advanced, Chief Operating Officer of HBI, Canadian Vice President of Operations and International Logistics Council Representative for Sonepar Canada and Senior Vice President at MTE Logistix. John has also held key management roles with CAM Technologies, The Westaim Corporation, and The Brick. John has served on advisory and governance boards and has been the project leader for major projects within industry and the public sector. 
John has been actively involved in new venture start-ups, a part-time instructor of managerial accounting and an inspirational and entertaining speaker on various business topics. A human powered sports enthusiast, John can usually be found riding a bike, swinging a racquet, lifting a barbell, racing across the snow…or water, and preparing for another outdoor adventure, hopefully with his family.
John has an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta majoring in Economics, an MBA from Queen’s University and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. John has continued his education through the study of behavioral economics and strategic analytics.

Dr. John Vidmar

Chief Technology Officer


Dr. John Vidmar was senior scientist and genomics team lead at Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, where he has worked focused on evaluation and breeding of both Cannabis sativa and barley. John holds a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of British Columbia. He spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at INRA, Montpellier, France, supported by ministry of foreign affairs fellowship working on nitrogen and sulfur transport in plants. In 2000, John joined AITF working as an NSERC industrial postdoctoral fellow in collaboration with plant biotech start-up company (Agrigenomics) working on nitrogen use efficiency in canola. Subsequently, appointed as a staff scientist, he has developed a research team working on the use of applied genomics in agriculture. John has worked on many agricultural and model plant systems for the bioeconomy. He has focused on the use of next-generation sequencing for the detection of mutations in genomes, whole genome sequencing and transcriptome analysis for the detection of DNA markers.

Tim Goltz

Chief Strategy Officer


Tim began his business career in 1995 in Edmonton with NAI Commercial as a junior broker in light industrial and land services. In 1996, out of interest in distribution and logistics, Tim moved to Burlington, Ontario to begin with jjBarnicke Ltd., to work on this complicated facet of industrial real estate.
In 1999, Tim returned to post-secondary education, embarking on a successful academic career that took him through completed Ph.D. coursework at McGill University. Tim’s work has been recognized by provincial and federal academic research awards including the noted FQRSC and SSHRC doctoral scholarships.
Due to family obligations in Western Canada, Tim left his academic career to return to the Edmonton business world in 2007. To underpin his “hard asset” investment logic, Tim has spent tens of thousands of hours on global macro analytics primary research, focusing on the interrelationships between the “4 Es” – Energy, Economy, Environment and the Exponential function. This deep macro knowledge is leveraged by New Frontiers’ clients on a regular basis as they attempt to position themselves for the coming decades. Asset managers, pension funds, government stakeholders, research universities and others who seek to understand the complicated future all humans face have used Tim’s research.
Most recently, Tim also co-founded Stonecutters Capital, which is developing strategies and technologies related to Indigenous economic sovereignty, as well as food security and sovereignty. The forefront of which being NutraPonics. Tim will be guiding the company in its local and global corporate development so it can deliver food security solutions to the world, beginning with Canada’s diverse Indigenous landscape. 
The unique integration of Tim’s commercial and academic backgrounds drives his out-of-the-box philosophy.

Derek Rolston

Chief Design Officer


Derek Rolston completed his Bachelor of Design at the University of Alberta in 2009 and has worked as a Design Manager in multiple fields ranging from consumer products to industrial fabrication. In 2011, he went on to complete his Masters of Architecture from the University of Toronto. Today, Derek’s architectural, industrial, web and graphic design experience is utilized to oversee anything “design” at NutraPonics. From facility layouts and system designs to graphics and marketing materials, Derek plans it all. He is very excited to be part of this pivotal moment for NutraPonics as we introduce our commercialized technology to the world.

Stephanie Bach

Lead Plant Scientist


While attending the University of Alberta, Stephanie Bach completed an internship at the Alberta Research Council (now Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures), where she decided to re-align her career focus on plant agriculture. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta in 2009, she traveled to the University of Guelph to complete her Master’s degree studying the biochemical nature of varietal potatoes in 2011. She stayed there for a number of years working at the university in research and laboratory capacities, before landing a position as a Product Developer at an international dairy corporation. Fast track a few years and Stephanie is back in her hometown of Edmonton lending her expertise to the non-profit Organic Alberta farm council. With several years of experience in the field of agriculture and Project Management, Stephanie is excited to join NutraPonics at a time when public interest in local sustainable and healthy food production systems are at an all-time high.

Geoffry Harrison

Aquaculture Manager


From an early age, Geoffry Harrison has had a passion for marine life and the involved science. He has been in aquatic science for twelve years now and has worked with 15 different species of fish and several different invertebrates. During this time, Geoff has been exposed to everything from day-to-day husbandry to laboratory and experimental data analyses. He has been part of domestication projects of various species creating better bloodlines through selective breeding. Geoff has been the lead technician on several experiments including projects where he successfully raised wild fish species that had never been kept in captivity before. He is also very familiar with fish diseases as he has worked in quarantine labs performing disease studies and testing and was published on a Loma research project involving Atlantic cod. He has designed, built and operated numerous fish systems ranging from small (500L) to massive (1,000,000L) in either flow through or recirculation conditions, including the NutraPonics test facility where Geoff has been the Aquaculture Manager since 2013.