Licensed Growers

A perfect match for commercial urban farming, retail fresh produce production, food service fresh produce, nutraceuticals, or ingredients for food processing, the NutraPonics licensed grower facilities allow for optimal growth and productivity of fresh producer for a multitude of commercial applications.


Providing technical training for specific growing markets to each licensed grower, NutraPonics is dedicated to developing systems geared toward the specific needs of each client.


In addition to the benefits available with each facility design, our Licensed Grower Facilities are:


  • Capable of consistent year-round production allowing for rotational seeding for continuous harvesting
  • Designed to allow for growing adaptability to suit production needs
  • Able to generate fresh fish for human consumption, or exotic fish for speciality markets


For more information, please refer to our Licensed Grower Information Sheet (coming soon!).


To learn more, or to start the conversation about how you can become a licensed grower, please contact us.