About Aquaponics


Nutra Ponics Agriculture Technology solutions utilizes aquaponic systems, where by-products of living fish are converted by naturally occurring microbes into highly concentrated, organic nutrients that are consumed by plants. This process returns the water to a balanced environment for the fish.


Aquaponic plants are cultivated in nutrient-rich water instead of soil, enabling rapid, high density growth as compared to soil-based (greenhouse or field) cultivation. An aquaponic system does not utilize chemical fertilizer or pesticides, and irrigation water is recirculated.


Nutra Ponics’ aquaponic operation is a self-contained, self-regulating ecosystem, optimized for superior, natural, organic plant growth.


The result is a food production system that realizes all the benefits of aquaponics while using less land, less energy and less water.  As a self-contained ecosystem, it is not subject to environmental impacts such as climate challenges, air or water quality. It can be constructed and operated year-round in the northern climates of Canada, Russia and China or the arid climates of the Middle East and Africa, and is well suited for the humid tropics of the world.

The advantages of aquaponics over other food production methods include:

      • lower nitrate concentrations
      • higher nutritional content
      • greater production control and efficiency
      • superior resource conservation
      • no pesticides
      • no herbicides
      • small environmental footprint